New Logo for Newcastle Squash

Well, this is new!

Why would Newcastle Squash change its logo, after so many years with the same tried and tested design?

There’s a number of reasons, and we hope you agree.

The NSRA board respects the heritage that Newcastle Squash has from its over 50 years in operation across the Hunter. This change in no way diminishes the proud history the sport has in the region.

First and foremost, the previous logo was no longer available in a format we could use to print on prizes, promotional goods, or even pennants books! Plus, the detail had become unrecognisable to identify. The existing shield had a lighthouse, a representation of the Steelworks, and other intricate designs that would prove quite difficult to re-design by each different printer we wished to work with.

This new logo is fresh, it’s modern, and it reflects the move we hope Newcastle Squash wants to take, into becoming a vibrant and healthy sport in the future.

The logo was designed by a Newcastle based professional graphic designer, who provided a style guide and image, in various formats.

To quote the designer, “The red S player element is designed to promote the dynamic, fluid and fun nature of the sport. The racquet was designed purposely in a very stylised manner so that it would not be affected by future technological advances in racquet design.” (MFP Creative)

This change allows Newcastle Squash to have a new identity, and flexibility in the future to promote the organisation and sport.

We hope you like it! We know change can be a little jarring at first… but please trust that we are doing this with the best promotional and financial interests of the sport, and association, at heart.



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